Azulejos de Vocabulario

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Product Description

Azulejos de Vocabulario (Spelling and Vocabulary Practice) is a great tool to practice spelling and new vocabulary.

This project is appropriate for Homeschool and Classroom settings and can be used as is or is easily adaptable for the following classes:

• Spanish I and 2
• Spanish for Spanish Speakers

THE PERSPECTIVE: As language teachers, we want our beginning writers to spell words correctly, regardless of the topic and mastery will only occur when students are given multiple ways to manipulate each new word. This early spelling success in writing will make learners feel good about themselves and encourage them to write and spell with more confidence.

THE PRACTICE: Students are instructed to identify 10 words from their current list or resource that might be problematic to spell and/or recall. They are to write them repeatedly in the different sections of the tile they have selected or been given. We ask that they say the words aloud as they write them. They can also chant the word along with its meaning. Once the tile has been completely filled in they can cut out the tile and glue it to their interactive journal or the teacher may “tile” a space in the classroom. Students and teachers appreciate this practical down time and students often request a favorite play list.

THE PRODUCT: The resources included in Azulejos de Vocabulario provide the necessary tools to have students practice and reflect on their basic language abilities of vocabulary and spelling enrichment. Everyone participates, collaborates and supports each other to promote camaraderie.

Azulejos de Vocabulario includes a visually engaging slide presentation with margin notes for the teacher as well as strategies we have used effectively in our classrooms. Your students will be motivated to properly express creatively themselves with color while practicing new vocabulary.

Azulejos de Vocabulario , encased as a zip file containing 10 camera-ready slides, has been formatted as a .pdf, and google slides for format integrity and EDITING as you wish and includes the following:

• A teacher friendly, visually stimulating, slide presentation with margin notes and ideas to guide the teacher through possible steps of delivery
• 4 different ready-to-print templates as well as a blank page where students can create their own design.
• a photo of a student in our classroom working on his tile.
• 2 examples of student work in color to show students what is expected
• 2 samples of original tiles typical of Granada, Spain
• a link to an outside video resource (in English) explaining the use of symmetry in the tiles used in the Alhambra palace in Granada, Spain. The information in this video lends itself to a beginning discussion on culture, practices and perspectives mirroring the AP Spanish Language and Culture task, but at a novice level.
• 2 extension activities lending to differentiation: an opportunity for the student to practice and record pronunciation as an mp3 and a manipulative activity to practice symmetry.

Uses for incorporating this product into your classroom seamlessly:

• Push out through Google Classroom or similar platform
• Independent study
• Whole class instruction allowing students to contribute in real-time.