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La Navidad Alrededor Del Mundo

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Are you looking to provide your AP Spanish students practice and prepare for the Cultural Comparison section of the Spanish Language and Culture Exam? Are you wanting to incorporate Project Based Learning into your curriculum? We created La Navidad Alrededor del Mundo: A Cultural Comparison for the purpose of having Mid Intermediate and Intermediate level students demonstrate an understanding of the relationships between the perspectives, practices and products of 2 cultures by comparing similarities and differences of their winter celebrations and presenting it to an audience of listeners and/or readers. Interested?

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Be the teacher-as-facilitator you aim to be and provide a platform for your students to freely explore, within boundaries, La Navidad Alrededor del Mundo: A Cultural Comparison to ease students into the verbal presentation required in the AP Spanish Language and Culture exam. provides the focus students need to overcome the intimidating requirement of presenting a clear and cohesive verbal presentation within the required 2 minute span.

This resource is appropriate for Homeschool and Classroom settings and can be used as is for the following classes:

• AP Spanish
• IB Spanish SL/HL
• Spanish for Spanish Speakers
• Heritage Speakers
• Spanish Mid-High Intermediate

THE PERSPECTIVE: We scaffold the Cultural Comparison AP requirement by discussing perspectives, practices and products as we discuss culture. When it’s connected to a global perspective, students are able to personalize and better internalize this concept.

THE PRACTICE: Students will follow their quest to learn about winter holidays via their own set of slides they create following a common structure. The end product can be easily differentiated and tailored to the individual student’s circumstance.

THE PRODUCTSLa Navidad Alrededor del Mundo: A Cultural Comparison provides emerging and veteran teachers slides to present and share with to create an engaging verbal and visual presentation to be delivered in rotation 3 times (suggested) to an audience of their own peers. The slides for both the teacher and the students contain margin notes based on our own experience of having completed this project successfully in our own classes.

The No-Prep! No-Stress! Las Rondas Classroom Presentations is the second product we use and have included to make oral presentations student and teacher friendly.

La Navidad Alrededor del Mundo: A Cultural Comparison, lovingly encased as a zip file containing 4 different artifacts, has been formatted as a .pdf, for format integrity and includes the following:

• The National Standards for Foreign Language Learning for this task
• A set of slides with instructions for the instructor which can also be used for whole class instruction
• A set of slides that can be shared with students via a preferred portal such as Google slides
• Outside resources links to review sharing slides in Google Classroom, how to find copyright free images and how to create a collage
• A clearly stated objective to introduce the project
• Instructions for the teacher including margin notes
• Instrucciones for the students to help create a successful Cultural Comparison presentation within the 2 minutes time limit set by the College Board
• A sign-up sheet for students to indicate which 2 countries they will present with repeating the same combination
• A point-of departure table for students to log the basic facts they will need to present
• 2 organizational graphics provided for choice and/or differentiation
• 2 sample filled in graphics we completed with our own students in our classrooms
• A helpful resource of basic conjunctions to improve writing and speaking
• 8 slides with margin notes to effectively guide the student to complete the visual and verbal comparison
• A live link to the College Board rubric for the Cultural Presentation
• A live link to easily record and save recording as an mp3
• No-Prep! No-Stress! Las Rondas Classroom Presentations
• A built-in 2 minute timer embedded in a slide for the teacher to share/guide presenters to stay on task
• Slides of a student sample from one of our classes to provide the instructor a finished product and/or to share with your students