Escribir sin Parar

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Product Description

Are you looking to practice and improve your Spanish Heritage Speaker students’ writing skills?

¡Para Aquí!

THE PERSPECTIVEEscribir Sin Parar Nivel Hispanohablante/Heritage Speaker is a no-prep, timed, fun, writing activity to encourage novice mid to advanced students to intentionally develop their writing skills. Writing is best learned by writing and once students begin to improve through practice, they will acquire confidence in their language journey.

THE PRACTICE: Students are directed to write on a given topic without stopping for a period of time. Should they get stuck they are to write the last word over and over until they get unstuck. They then cross out the words that were repeated, count the number of words left and divide it by the number of minutes.

THE PRODUCT: This product includes 9 slides each with clear instructions, a topic and helpful questions to get the writer started. This activity will encourage some competition and students will be intrinsically motivated to write again to beat their previous score! Also included is an activity involving a parent/guarding listening to their student’s best read, 2 authentic student examples, a fluency progress chart and a how-to resource for recording on Vocaroo.

(No Prep) Escribir Sin Parar Nivel Hispanohablante/Heritage Speaker, lovingly encased as a zip file has been formatted as a .pdf and includes the following task cards:

• Mi Mundo Académico
• Alrededor de Mi Casa
• ¡Que Va! Eso Sí Que No Me Lo Pierdo
• Recuerdos de la Niñez
• Desafíos Hoy Día
• Había Una Vez . . . Tecnología
• De Sobremesa
• De Viaje
• ¿Cómo Serán las Cosas?

This resource is appropriate for Homeschool and Classroom settings and can be used as is for the following classes:

• Spanish Mid to Superior Levels
• Spanish for Spanish Speakers / Heritage Speakers
• AP Spanish Language and Culture
• International Baccalaureate Standard Level
• International Baccalaureate Higher Level