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Product Description

This 9-part BUNDLE is a NO PREP teacher-tested-student-approved lesson addressing regular -AR verbs and the verb JUGAR. It lends itself for printing or to be shared through Google Classroom or similar platform for whole class, small group or individualized instruction. It is encased as a zip file containing 9 files with 50+ slides which includes slide presentations for the teacher to follow the scaffolding we have used effectively in our classrooms. It has been formatted as a.pdf, .docx and google slides for format integrity and editing as you wish.

We appreciate your current and future loyalty to our brand and we are offering all FOUR complementary products as a bundle so you get a get a break on the price.

• Dado Conjugado con Verbos Regulares -AR + JUGAR

• ¡Let’s PLAY!: El Verbo JUGAR

• ¡ACORAZADO! Verbos Regulares -AR (con Esquiar) + JUGAR

The bundle includes:

• Content and Language Objectives and National Standards

• A student friendly visually stimulating brief introduction to regular -AR verbs (landscape slides) 

• A student friendly visually stimulating introduction to the verb JUGAR (landscape slides) 

• A review of the -AR verbs and an introduction to the verb JUGAR (landscape slides of the 2 presentations above together)

• Scaffolded slides with margin notes to further unpack the verb JUGAR (portrait slides) include the following activities:

•• Setting the stage activity matching photos and captions (w/ AK)
•• Cornell style notes and short cloze practice for the verb JUGAR
•• A cloze writing activity (w/ AK) asking students to complete a letter written by Celia using various forms of the verb JUGAR.
•• A proficiency read activity requiring careful, intentional reading and graphing the number of words read aloud within one minute.
•• Comprehension check questions (w/ AK) for the reading above.
•• A reading aloud and pronunciation practice activity to be recorded and kept in portfolio for evidence of progress.
•• A differentiated opportunity for Listening and Interpersonal Speaking production with proficiency rubric with graphics included to provide speaking opportunities at various levels.
•• A Battleship conjugation practice for regular -AR verbs and JUGAR
•• A Dado Conjugado conjugation practice for regular -AR and JUGAR
•• 2 Exit Slips for regular -AR verbs and JUGAR

Conjug-AR con JUGAR is a lesson addressing regular -AR verbs and the stem-change verb JUGAR providing you with the scaffolding material needed to do the following:

→ review infinitives
→ present 3-steps to conjugation
→ introduce -AR verb endings with chart and examples
→ introduce the verb JUGAR with graphics
→ engage students in interactive practice
→ entice students with a catchy jingle
→ assess student understanding with cloze activity
→ appraise student understanding with open-ended sentences
→ evaluate true individual comprehension through a formative exit ticket
→ enrich your use of Realidades I, Capítulo, 2A and 4B

Uses for incorporating this product into your classroom seamlessly:

♦ Push out through Google Classroom or similar platform
♦ Flipped classroom
♦ Extra review or practice in small group instruction
&diams: Whole class instruction allowing students to answer chorally after allowing for “think-time”

We recently tried this product in our classrooms with great results. We hope you and your students find it equal ly practical