¡Mi Gente!

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Are you looking for Introduction and Practice for your novice and mid level learners in need of conjugation practice?

¡Para Aquí!

¡Mi Gente! – Basic Conjugation Practice to Verbally Produce Spanish provides the foundation students need to become comfortable with and fluent in the target language.

This resource is appropriate for Homeschool and Classroom settings and can be used as is for the following classes:

• Spanish Novice to Mid Level
• Spanish for Spanish Speakers
• Heritage Speakers

THE PERSPECTIVE: As language teachers, we want our beginners to feel welcomed in class and comfortable with producing the language. We know that conjugation practice is often the pathway and ¡Mi Gente! – Basic Conjugation Practice to Verbally Produce Spanish is just the strategy! One of our favorite benchmarks of teaching a Novice Level class is when we introduce ¡Mi Gente!. As soon as we recognize that students are ready to use the target language as well as have fun with it, we introduce ¡Mi Gente!. Understanding and identifying how nouns and pronouns match a verb ending will help your students master this basic skill of how the language works.

THE PRACTICE: Let’s say we want students to practice expressing the act of going someplace in the community: IR + A + LUGAR. Model for students the use of the ¡Mi Gente! document along with graphics of places in the community you have on display.

Ex. You say: “Yo VOY a . . . la playa”.

But wait! . . . You remember that in your classroom you are encouraged to expand your sentences to 6 words +, so you say

“Yo VOY A LA PLAYA CON …” and you look around for help in finishing this sentence . . .

“Yo VOY A LA PLAYA CON MARISA Y CANDELA … (look around for help from your students)


¡Fantástico! ¡Olé Olé!

Allow students to first practice with elbow partners or groups of 4 before using the shorter version . Have students be comfortable with the practice before you provide the full page.

THE PRODUCT: Students are provided with a document in which tables have been filled with names. They will soon notice that their names can be found in the document, then they will begin looking for the names of their friends. This lowers the filter for what might have been a droning conjugation drill.

¡Mi Gente! – Basic Conjugation Practice to Verbally Produce Spanishlovingly encased as a zip file containing 6 different artifacts, has been formatted as a .pdf, and google slides for format integrity and EDITING as you wish and includes the following:

• The Why and How of ¡Mi Gente!
• A camera ready list of names has been provided as an option for you to get started:
• Dear Teacher Start Here slides to guide your use of ¡Mi Gente!
• Useful margin notes based on our use of ¡Mi Gente! in our own classrooms.
• A time sheet sample to foster practice and fluency.
• A ready-made list with highlighted names you may want to substitute those in for your class.
• Plentiful conjugation practice for the 4 language modalities of speaking, reading, writing and listening.