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Próxima Parada: ¡España!

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Product Description

Are you looking for a meaningful project to engage AP Spanish and Culture/IB Spanish Language B students at the end of the year? Here is something creative to seal your course on a positive note. Próxima Parada: ¡España!, a practical experience for future travelers, promotes authentic reading, writing, speaking, listening, choice and real world experience planning a trip.

This project, a 2-in-1 product, is appropriate for Homeschool and Classroom settings and can be used as is or is easily adaptable for the following classes:

• All levels of Spanish for Spanish Speakers • AP Spanish Language and Culture
• Spanish Culture Class • IB Spanish Language B – Standard Level
• Spanish III • IB Spanish Language B – Higher Level

THE PERSPECTIVE: We are 2 across-the-hallway collaborating colleagues wanting a meaningful project for our AP/IB students once testing was over in May. We wanted something that was interesting, creative and meaningful to finish the year and seal the course on a positive note. We were also planning personal trips to Spain and it occurred to us that the 3-parts of traveling: planning, traveling and reflecting could also be a practical experience for future travelers.

THE PRACTICE: Use the Andamio slides to scaffold the lesson and break down the concept of Próxima Parada . . . ¡España! The student centered activities included in this bundle will allow to independent work based on interests while maintaining structure by adhering to deadlines. An additional value to this lesson is that it affords ample opportunity for all involved to share travel experiences and tips as part of the class objective content and language goals.

THE PRODUCT: The resources included in Próxima Parada . . . ¡España! provide the necessary tools to have students research a travel destination with emphasis on the how-to of traveling: flight itinerary, obtaining a passport, researching what to see, lodging, transportations, meals, souvenirs, a not-to-be missed event, an overall budget, a cultural connection and a final reflection.

Próxima Parada . . . ¡España! includes a slide presentation with clear instructions for the teacher to follow the scaffolding we have used effectively in our classrooms and slides to be shared with students. Each day, during class, the students focus on one slide to complete and turn in, electronically, the following day.

Próxima Parada . . . ¡España!, encased as a zip file containing 3 different camera-ready documents, has been formatted as a .pdf, a .docx, and google slides for format integrity and editing as you wish and includes the following:

• The National Standards for Foreign Language Learning for each task.
• A teacher friendly, visually stimulating, slide presentation (El Andamio del Proyecto) that guides the teacher through possible steps of delivery
• An overview of the project slide with deadlines clearly defined
• A slide setting the stage for the assignment
• Slides to be shared with the student explaining the task for the day through the duration of the project
• A letter to parents, in English and in Spanish, explaining the project
• A double-sided page with rubric and helpful comments to encourage meaningful peer evaluation
• Optional extension activities
• Authentic examples for L1 and L2 students


• 3 visually appealing mini-posters with our favorite travel quotes.
• A no-stress classroom presentation strategy. This product is a stand-alone product in the Granabana store. We include it here because this is where we first implemented it.

Uses for incorporating this product into your classroom seamlessly:

• Push out through Google Classroom or similar platform
• Independent study
• Whole class instruction allowing students to contribute in real-time.