SOS! 4 Formatos

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Product Description

Are you looking to provide your AP Spanish students a go-to resource to practice and prepare for the Free Response section of the Spanish Language and Culture Exam?

¡Para Aquí!

THE PERSPECTIVE: Upon reflection, we noticed we were bombarding our own students with too many different tools to practice formatting the Free Response Section of the AP Spanish Language and Culture. We decided to create a “best of” what we had accumulated throughout our years of experience, workshops, training, collaborating, blogs etc.

THE PRACTICE: Students are given the resources to create a BOOKLET to have on hand when practicing for the 4 parts of the FREE RESPONSE section of the AP Spanish Language and Culture exam: the E-mail Reply, the Conversation, the Cultural Comparison and the Persuasive Essay.

THE PRODUCT: This product is an visually pleasing 8-page booklet with the essential requirements gleaned from our vast collection of FREE RESPONSE minutia, minus “the noise”. We were able to contain what is essential when addressing these 4 very different formats.

AP Spanish SOS! 4 Formats for Free Response Section, lovingly encased as a zip file, has been formatted as a .pdf and includes the following:

• the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning pertaining to this product.
• the essential format for the Formal E-mail Reply.
• the essential format for the Simulated Conversation.
• the essential format for the Persuasive Essay.
• the essential format for the Cultural Comparison.
• Idiomatic phrases as required in the AP Spanish rubric for E-mail Reply, Conversation and Cultural Comparison.
• Spanish sayings categorized by the 6 AP Spanish Language and Culture Course Themes.
• A video showing how to fold and store the booklet in an easily accessible pocket in your student’s interactive notebook.

This practical resource will serve both emerging and veteran AP Spanish instructors, is appropriate for Homeschool and Classroom settings and can be used as is for the following classes:

• Spanish Mid to Superior Levels
• Spanish for Spanish Speakers / Heritage Speakers
• AP Spanish Language and Culture